20+ DIY Egg Home Decors to Tickle Your Creativity

I actually think it is really fun to decorate eggs. I have been doing some egg crafts but didn’t get to finish them. I thought I was the only one keeping empty egg shells in my drawer but there are also other people who love making stuffs who keep eggs shells and make some lovely decors using it -Easter or not. Well, you don’t decorate eggs only during Easter but even when it is an ordinary day.

What we are going to show you today is a list of DIY eggs for home decor. Of course, most of them are for Easter but some could also be used for an everyday home decor. You will see that in the list that we have below wherein you can use various materials from paint to gold leaf. Scroll down and feast your eyes on these lovely and very creative egg home decors which could be perfect as a centerpiece, a mantle decor or just let it sit on a shelf or console table. Here we go!

1. Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece

How cute! Tiny bunny toys were placed inside real eggs that were painted with different acrylic pastel colors. The stand was made with cardboard and toilet paper roll. Yep, everything is DIY and it looks really lovely!

2. Egg Pinatas DIY

How about some egg pinatas? Just grab some balloons and then glue pieces of newspaper on it. Cut crepe papers in various colors. Super duper cute indeed!

3. A Fragile Egg Vase

Using one egg, place it inside a cup with some moss and then add whatever flower you like. You can make many cups like this.

These are all super nice! Cuteness overload! I am sure that after seeing this list you will realize that you just wasted the eggs that you threw away because you can actually make something that is very cute using it. Yes, there are many items that you can make using the eggs and these can be adorable year round decor for the home. Now tell me, which among the DIY egg decors do you think you would try making?