20+ Freestanding Posts in the Living Room

Posts and segments have been utilized since the early time of development. In the event that you really scan for these terms, you’d most likely perceive how marvelous structures are accessible a couple of hundreds of years back up to this point. In the present contemporary plans – notwithstanding when it’s very planned homes, sections and posts are absolutely something you can add to your spaces as useful components in them or only for embellishing stuff.

Today, we would share you two or three spaces that have unsupported posts or segments in them; some of them I trust you might want, while others you may discover uninteresting. Be that as it may, look at how they helped the spaces turn out inconceivable and let me know, you wish you have one at home! Take a gander at the lounge room spaces beneath and reveal to us what you think!

1. Green Soho Loft

This large soho loft might be one of the finest examples of living rooms that we have on this list. The colors are simple but a classic, and the pieces of furniture is something I would really suggest people get once they pick out pieces for their homes.

2. Hudson Loft

What do you think about the color combination of this beautiful living room that you see in this picture? If you agree that a house’s beauty depends on the details that it has, you’ll know that this house has that and it’s just really interesting and neat!

3. 87 Leonard Model

The black posts in this loft look really cool and vintage. The fact that this is in black possibly made from steel, the whole industrial look and feel of this space is quite fascinating. Look at the material, furniture and decorations that this space has and I think you’d be amused too.

If you have seen the article that my colleague created about the Skyhouse: A Unique Home with Rock Climbing Columns and Metallic Slides, I think you’d know that the living spaces in this list is really nothing in compare, but I think that it is like a great start to the achievement of something really beautiful. This list may not be something you can do right now, but believe me when I tell you that you can have decorative ones if you’d really want too.