30 Masculine Living Room Ideas & Inspirations

Since the 1950s, nothing has spelled prime bachelorhood very like a top notch manly lounge room. And keeping in mind that we’ve made considerable progress since the times of Martin Denny records and craftsmanship deco furniture, the fundamental message continues as before: this is a spot to get your parlor on–and any parlor, yet a parlor of the more advanced assortment.

Obviously, that also has changed. For example, a legitimate manly lounge room used to be a by and large TV and supper free space, yet these days there’s to a greater extent an obscured line. By the by, that is no reason to leave all your Playstation controllers and half-eaten burritos lying around. Rather, look at our Masculine Living Room Ideas and Inspirations. At that point style in like manner.

1. Find the Balance Between Comfort and Class

Feel free to go big on elegance or minimalism, but not to the point of sterility and discomfort. A cosy chair or sofa can go a very long way, but make sure you have the furniture that matches both your needs and the rest of the room.

If you entertain, minimalist pieces that can seat more people are preferable to big, comfy sofas that take up half the room. If you can’t spring for a matching set then spend some time finding examples that can offset each other, and which work within your chosen palette.

2. Use Colour and Material Wisely

When it comes to masculine interior design, you can never go wrong with neutral colours like black, grey and navy blue. Likewise, trusty materials such as metal, stone, wood and leather will never let you down. Bring all those components together in the living room and expect discernibly masculine results.